Courses Offered

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering programme covers the aspects of designing, developing, testing and the supervision of electrical and electronic equipment. It is designed to provide a strong foundation for employment at the technician level or to serve as a stepping-stone for furthering studies in the bachelor degree programme.

The core syllabus of the programme will address the basic engineering knowledge and skills required by Electrical & Electronics Engineers, while the modules will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of industry-related topics that include some of the latest developments in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Electrical engineering is a professional career that utilizes mathematics, science, technology and problem solving skills to design, construct and maintain products and services that underpin today's modern society. It is a rapidly advancing area which is both challenging and exciting, as well as being a rewarding field in which to study. Electrical engineering is a major area of expertise behind control and automation, telecommunications, signal processing, analogue and digital electronics, and power generation and distribution. It is also becoming increasingly vital in countries trying to improve their capacity in new and emerging fields such as nano-technology, robotics and renewable energy. Some organizations offer scholarships or cadetships for trainees, and many students are offered jobs before completing their degrees.