A guest lecture on Electrical Grid

  • 14-10-2017

A guest lecture on Electrical Grid

A Guest lecture was organized for III and IV B.Tech EEE students on “ELECTRICAL GRID” by Mr . B.Syam Mohan Reddy, Assistant Divisional Engineer on 14-10-2017.

The Session Made the Students aware about Electric Grid and different grid regions ,national and international grid connections, how to control the voltage and frequency of the system, Demand estimation and control procedure, Load crash,Defence mechanism for the system, Deregulation ,Black start etc.. He also explained the impact of 1.2 billion Indians due to two successive blackouts happened in India in July 30,31st 2012. The students had acquired more knowledge about various generating plants in India and distribution system.

The Faculty and students of Department of Electrical &Electronics Engineering attended the Guest lecture and the students got their doubts clarified in the assessment session

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