Courses Offered

Mechanical Engineering

There is a multitude of Mechanical Engineering advancements happening in the world's workshop, so with the standard of engineering consistently rising, mechanical engineering is creating ripples in the technology world.

Mechanical Engineering is a fast growing discipline in tune with the demands in the areas of infrastructure and Manufacturing.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers educational programs designed to prepare students for professional career by developing a sound base in fundamental engineering sciences. The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is intended to develop individual initiative, creativity, talent, leadership and the capability to develop, follow and adopt new technologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering

Students have various available options like production, Industrial Engineering, R and D work, Refrigeration and Air conditioning to work with; in addition they have the flexibility of being employed in computer software and hardware industries as they basically use the automation techniques in Industries. They have wonderful scope for higher studies in India and abroad in specialized areas.